Appliances Every Trucker Needs

As truckers we know that in order to get a job done, having the right tools is necessary to get the job done. The same thinking can be applied to the tools you need to eat as healthy as you can on the road.
Real Truckers has put together a list of appliances that every trucker, new or experienced, should have in their cab.

  • real-truckers-appliancesMicrowave: Most truckers have a power inverter that is rated for about 1000 watts of power. With that mind, having a microwave with about 800 watts of energy will work for most truckers’ needs. With a microwave you can have a hot meal at the push of a button, and it also gives your leftovers an added kick.
  • Mini fridge: A mini refrigerator is a main stay in trucks around the country. Having a fridge in your truck is important not only for obvious reasons, like keeping drinks cold for those hauls in warmer states, but it allows you to keep more fresh food in your truck.
  • Crockpot: Real Truckers recommends a 1.5-quart crock pot to keep in your truck if you like slow cooked meals. You should look for the models that can be powered by a 12-volt adapter. Also, be sure to find a place for your crock pot to sit securely in your cab.
  • Coffee Maker: Is it even possible to work as much as we do without a source of caffeine within arm’s reach? It may be, but if coffee is what you like buying, a coffee maker saves money on gas station coffee and with enough time maybe you can submit your perfect truck stop coffee recipe to!
  • Just Missed The List: An electric skillet, also known as a hot plate, is essential for most truckers. If you enjoy smoothies, you can keep fresh produce in your mini fridge to include in your smoothies. A charcoal grill is not for use inside your truck, but every once in a while, a nicely prepared steak can be a nice reward after a long haul.
Let us know what appliances we missed on the Real Truckers YouTube page!

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